• Knowing Your Breed’s Grooming Needs

    Hi all, George here. Today I’d like to talk more about specific grooming needs for your pet. It is important to understand that every type and breed of pet has different grooming requirements for optimum cleanliness and health. I have already discussed some needs specific to cats, and you can read that here.

    I was inspired to discuss this topic because of something that happened with another groomer in the Columbus area that I witnessed. They shaved a German Shepherd completely down to the skin. With some dogs this is OK, but not with a German Shepherd. German Shepherds have long, bristly hairs called “guard hairs.” In most cases, these hairs do not grow back. They are hairs for life. Even several months after having been shaved, this German Shepherd had barely grown any hair back.

    One of the most common mistakes I see is to bathe a dog and trying to brush it out afterwards. It should be done the other way around. If a dog already has knotted, matted fur, bathing will further cement those knots and make them even harder to get out. It is also important to brush against the grain rather than with it. Brushing with the grain will only go over knots, while brushing against the grain will help lift the fur and remove any loose hair.

    In another recent case I had a maltipoo whose fur was so badly matted we had to use scissors to cut him free from the layer of matted fur that was encasing him. This was a case of the dog being bathed but not brushed. With each bath more and more excess fur was trapped in this shell of matted fur until his skin could no longer breathe and bacteria began to build up.

    I recommend that you have your pet professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks. This will ensure you never have an extreme case like the ones I have described. Check out the online specials on our website here for $10 off a groom for your pet. Remember, a clean pet is a happy pet!

    Be sure to check back often for more tips and tricks on giving your pet the happiest and healthiest life possible. George Domsic is the owner at Benchmark Pet Services, and has more than 40 years experience in the field of dog training and psychology.