About Us

Room to visit and roam.

At home, your dog has special spots that belong to him or her. And like a suite hotel, Benchmark gives every dog a spacious, air conditioned sleeping and eating den, with radiant heated floors connected to a roomy, enclosed exercise run. Each dog’s suite is completely enclosed in the building, so it’s sheltered from the elements. You’ll have no worries about weather and bugs on your dog’s vacation. Cozy. Clean. Comfortable. Ingenious. So that your pet feels loved, welcome and appreciated, we personally interact with all boarding pets daily.

Standard suites have 4’ x 4’ sleeping rooms, and 4’ x 10’ runs. Giant suites provide a 4’ x 6’ sleeping room, with a 6’ x 10’ run. Most dogs figure out very quickly that the run is their bathroom. We hand walk dogs that won’t use the run for potty at no extra charge. It never rains or snows inside Benchmark. All dogs are given personal attention and taken out-daily.

Where floors matter a lot.

It seems a simple thing, but concrete that has been carefully smoothed and tightly sealed makes a big difference to your dog’s safety and comfort. Ultrasmooth and well-sealed flooring is easy on the paws, plus, it lends itself to our superior cleaning and disinfecting regimens.

Air is not just, well, air.

In a place where many pets are enjoying each other’s company, it’s important to cycle fresh air at a far greater rate than in your home. We keep things moving by replacing the air in the building 20 times an hour. This keeps the exercise runs airy and refreshing.

Peekaboo. Dogs are social, they would prefer to run in a pack.

With four foot high steel partitions topped with fencing between the runs, your pet can pop his head up to see other dogs (if he’s tall enough that is), or visit across the aisle, without direct face-to-face contact. They get the fun of being part of a pack, but without the worry of dealing with somebody who just doesn’t get along. Have a timid dog? There are plenty of options to set them up in a suite that’s not on the main drag or near other dogs.

For Felines Only.

Kitty condos with levels and cubbies to explore. Soothing music. Sunny window. A view to the action. Fresh flowing air. Daily feed, water and litter service. And not a sound from their doggie counterparts. It’s Benchmark’s cattery. Purrfect.

But we can’t be apart.

If your family has more than one pet, we’re happy to let them bunk together. No mixing of cats and dogs though.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Although we do not have a vet on staff, we refer clients to veterinarians in the area and maintain relationships with veterinarians for emergencies.

Time for a bath or a clip?

The spa at this pet hotel includes full services by groomers who know how to pamper pets. We have baths for stinky dogs, itchy dogs, fluffy dogs, white dogs. We can shampoo a shih tzu, primp a pompoo, de-undercoat a collie, shave a schnauzer, clip a cocker, or de-mat a mutt. And since no fleas have ever entered or exited our kennel, if we find the little critters on a pet, they’ll be dealt with in the spa before check-in.

What to Pack???…What to Pack???

Favorite bedding. Proof of vaccines. Medicine. Vitamins. Heartworm pills. Toys. Treats. Food, or if you like, they’ll dine on our fare at no extra charge. Phone number where we can reach you. Oh, and the pet. Make sure your dog is on a short leash and the cat is in a carrier.

Booking a spot.

Call anytime. Provide us with a credit card number to reserve the space. Tell us your pet’s vaccine history. We’ll let you know if they’ll need a shot before check-in. And if you must, please cancel 48 hours prior to check-in date or there is a $25 fee. That goes for no-shows, too. Call early for the holidays as we tend to fill up. We will, however, put your name on a cancellation list if we are fully booked when you call. Many times we are able to accommodate people on this list.

Drive right up.

Our unique drive-through makes for an easy (and dry) way for you to drop off and pick up your pets. All our services are accessed via the safe and convenient drive through. We’re a multi-care pet facility with boarding, grooming, training, and pet feed all under one roof.

Answers to questions that come up:

We can provide special care for pets that have stitches, bandages or splints.

  • Pets in heat are accepted, and are set up in a covered suite away from the others.
  • We’ll administer medications that come with vet instructions, including injections, at no extra charge.
  • Puppies and kittens must be current with their vaccine boosters.
  • No mommas-to-be that are nearing their due date, thanks.
  • Fleas are simply not allowed. No exceptions. Ever.

Contact us in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, at 614-866-9738 for more
information about our pet boarding and grooming services.


  • Custom Designed Facility
  • Competitive pricing
  • Convenient location
  • Clean and Comfortable
  • Accredited by the BBB
  • Owner is a Certified Pet Care Technician